Hi, we’re Pick’d. An employment group set up to find a stable workforce for Queensland farms in need of pickers and packers.

Want to be Pick’d?

If you’ve had fruit picking, packing, farming or outdoor labour experience, and are looking for work for two months or more, we’d love to speak to you. Growers in Australia are in need of a reliable, skilled and stable workforce, which is why we only hire applicants that are experienced and available for at least two months of the year.

Available for longer? Even better. Our goal is to create long term jobs for people with the specific skill sets farmers require, and to place them in a variety of farms across as many seasons as possible. We’re building a team, who can work together to help Australia produce the exceptional produce we’re known for.

How It Works

How to join our team

   Register your interest

If you’ve had picking, packing or outdoor labour experience and are interested in working on Queensland farms for two months or longer, fill out an Application Form.

   We’ll screen you

A Pick’d consultant will get in touch to assess availability and suitability and talk to you about your personal situation. 


If successful, we will induct you to our workforce, assist with contracts, payments and everything needed to get you set up and working as part of the Pick’d team.  

Join a dedicated team of people

When you join the Pick’d team, you are working for the grower, but also for us. We will handle your contract, payments, payslips and can sometimes even assist you with accommodation if you are unable to find your own.

Our contracts run from a minimum of 2 months and can extend longer across the year. If you are interested in long term work, it may be that you move from one location to another as the seasons change. This means you might be working with the same people farm to farm, and since we are pretty pick’y in who we hire, you might just make some friends along the way.


Find your answers on our FAQ page.